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Monday, July 30, 2007


Quickie #5 is up and on you tube

Quickie #5 went up last nite and you guys seem to be digging it so far. I think this Quickie is true we should probably have a lab top instead or something. One time i saw this band call florence pow and they did that. But i don't think anybody knows who that is.
The next episode is in production and we even finished the song. I think it will be a good one. Not sure when it will be done but by my estimation sometime between next month and when Dr. Dre's Detox comes out.
We continue to work on the next ep I think the bass will be louder cause we live in bushwick and I really like to hear the cars drive by with the loud sub woofers. In fact i love it. one time this guy shook a whole block with his car stero fucking nuts. I also i have to admit I like that I Get Money song but I've heard like 5 cars play it while driving by me today so far so give it a week and maybe I'll hate it.

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