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Monday, December 17, 2007


Quickie 22 bullies

I like this one cause I like beating people who are weaker then me mostly cause I'm American but also cause it's fun you know. Excited cause I'm gonna be in MD recording things wit my bro for next EP and Mix tape. Which by the way will come out in addition to the intronet but also on fucking tape. I promise you this shit.
Also I watched the golden globes annouced live on tv and one of the presenters was Quentin Tarantino he annouved the nominess and one of them was Aaron Sorkin. Hillarious. I wish Kevin Smith was nominated too so Tarantino could say his name too and it would be a nockforce refferencing festival. but I doubt Kevin Smith would make anything that could be nominated for a golden globe. Maybe a blockbuster entertainment award.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Quickie 21

This new one shows what is would be like if things were like they were in pre school. I hate kids who would go mom but I think I would do it if there was like a ton of kids against me. But what was I supposed to do. There were alot of kids.
Also all ready started on mix tape and the next ep. I'm gonna be in Maryland for a bit and I wanna record a ton of stuff while I'm there. Tons of people have said they'll come by. We'll see how much of this really happens but it will be coo.

Friday, December 7, 2007



yeah so we're gonna be on the radio today. As far as i know the first time nockFORCE has ever been played on the radio. We're on WSVA for the Crows feet stew show. So if you wanna be a part of nockFORCE's first radio apperance call in and ask some questions (212) 592-2345 from 5 - 7 pm (eastern standard time).
Don't worry about not hearing it WSVA will put up a recording of the show on there site after we finish.
Hope to hear from you

Monday, December 3, 2007


The Junior Novelization

yes we got a new ep out today and we're promoting this thing hard with the commercial and we're gonna be on the Crows feet stew show on Friday from 5 to 7 pm. we'll put a phone number up on friday morning so you can call in and chat with us. but anyway we worked long and hard on this ep and I wanted to give promper credits not just to us but to all the people so here's what the ep credits is.

Mazinga 7

Music Produced by Ja Boy

All samples from the movie and lyrics by nockFORCE

Mazinga 7 Outro

Produced and lyrics by nockFORCE

Backing Vocals by Marcus Kaser

Party Song

Produced and lyrics by nockFORCE

I Just Drive

Produced and lyrics by nockFORCE

Chrous and backing vocals by Michaela Kaser

I don't know

Produced by nockFORCE and Jeffery ATW

Lyrics by nockFORCE and Tea Time

Chrous by Smitty


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