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Monday, September 24, 2007


Quickie #13

This new quickie is i guess a sequal but if you think about it. It's not cause it was recorded at the same time. Well it was actually the same conversation. Normally all the quickie's are based on conversations that go on way longer and less funnier then the quickie's. The cardboard conversation is an exception.
Still working on all the stuff you are waiting for so don't worry it's coming.

i like the kanye west album graduation. Except for drunk and hot girls. Everything else I'm ok with. Defently one of my favorites of the year.
I also finally heard the lil wayne mix tape Da Drought 3. The first disc displays what may be this years formost mc. He certainly can freestyle. Kinda wish he would do a song with the skill I heard on the mix tape. He needs to be able to tell a story. Which alot of mc's can't do.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Quickie #11 and 12

This one was fun to do and so was the last one. I think people really dug the first one i like cardboard as well.
I'm gettin close to finishing the mix but i think it will be a bit but not that long.
the new episode is coming along. This wait will be somewhat more normal for an episode cause the animation is so much crazier.
I think I'm gonna start work on our mixtape after I finish mixing the new ep. Not sure what it will be like. there will new songs and stuff we have stored up. I want to have it be on tape too. I mean you'll be able to download it but if we have a booth at an event or something i'm gonna have selling it on tape. Cause it's called a mix tape you know but there all on cd. I mean I get they never changed the name when the technology changed but it's kinda silly just call it a mix cd or something. I feel mix cd is the best name but you know. Anyway it will be coo.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Quickie #10

personally i really like this cause readers digest needs to be put in it's place sometimes. also that is our real roof were we just moved in and it looks super coo.

In other news the next ep is being mixed and finished i'm taking my time to make it extra good.
Ian's hard at work on the second episode.
We are planning on making a music video not telling what song but we're hoping to shot it soon and maybe future videos will follow.
as always we're working on more and more qucikies as well.
I got Kanye West mix tape and i really like it alot. Kanye will defently beat 50 cent in this whole whoose album will sell more thing. Anyway i have been listening to alot of mixtapes and it makes me think about making one for nockforce maybe


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