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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Quickie #11 and 12

This one was fun to do and so was the last one. I think people really dug the first one i like cardboard as well.
I'm gettin close to finishing the mix but i think it will be a bit but not that long.
the new episode is coming along. This wait will be somewhat more normal for an episode cause the animation is so much crazier.
I think I'm gonna start work on our mixtape after I finish mixing the new ep. Not sure what it will be like. there will new songs and stuff we have stored up. I want to have it be on tape too. I mean you'll be able to download it but if we have a booth at an event or something i'm gonna have selling it on tape. Cause it's called a mix tape you know but there all on cd. I mean I get they never changed the name when the technology changed but it's kinda silly just call it a mix cd or something. I feel mix cd is the best name but you know. Anyway it will be coo.

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