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Monday, March 31, 2008


santa get back to me

to ourselfs hahahaha.

This week I wanna bring our attention to the Lark Voorhies a group from Madison, Wisconsin. I know the guitar and vocals guy Mike Krol. He's awesome and I'm waiting to see more from these guys in the future anyway check it out

This one is continuing the conversation from the last quickie. i'm not sure how many people know how we do the recording but we just record us talking for 45 minutes or so and then cut it up into quickies. Often the conversations go on long after the cartoon is over. However most of the time it goes into an unfunny place and your better off not hearing it. But sometimes it continues being funny. so yeah thats what happened.
We tryed shooting a music video and we got alot done but i think it needs more. but i think i can shoot the rest next weekend and hopefully then editing yippie.
also here is your special playlist for y'all

Monday, March 24, 2008



nockFORCE is down with some bands but espically with this band the sub wookies. There a coo kinda nerd music group. so we're like the same genre or something.

well yesterday was easter and what better way to continue to celebrate then watch cartoons about it. i put the cletus the fetus easter one right after this. i guess we like easter but not flag forget that shit.
been working on the new ep and guess what the video i mentioned before i think is gonna happen. we're shooting it soon and i think it'll be coo. but next week i think i can tell you more cause it'll be shot.
not much other then that.

Monday, March 17, 2008


quickie #32

this image is by someone who isn't effnocka. however i'm not exactly sure who did do this so i'll edit this and put the real person later. but i apologise until then. But then i look and it says yuri. man i'm dumb.

before i get to the quickie stuff. i'm gonna do a new thing on this blog and send a link to an artist i'm down with or just like. anyway this myspace went up recently. i heard his stuff before that and it's tight. it's this kid in texas calling himself MCK. anyway check it out here

This one was about edgy humor cause we're a little more edgy now. i think this one was recorded back in the 07. not sure how back though.
I guess we are a little edgy but to me we're the same.
Also no cut aways. kinda nice to just spend sometime with ol nockforce without all the other stuff.
I made the end theme with fruity loops instead of the usual garage band. I'm planning on mixing it up each week. i also wanna bring back the what. which kinda just disappered. I didn't notice until yesterday but i will bring back the what soon.
We're gonna be shooting the video shortly. it'll be awesome to actually shoot it. then it'll go up for all you guys.

I made an edgy playlist for this quickie. every nockforce quickie is in here but also a far amount of cletus the fetus. there is also short from both effnocka and myself in here as well.

Monday, March 10, 2008


nockFORCE Quickie #30 and 31

hey everyone. nockforce coming out with another cartoon. I hope you guys liked the last one even though it was kinda controversial. I think that the back and forth between us was good and stuff.
This is about what we think of libraries. I guess what we says is true and wikipedia is alot better.
Other stuff going on. Still working on new ep and bonus songs that will all go on this site here.
Also every time we make a quickie i make a playlist reflecting whatever we talk about in the quickie. I used to just post this as a bulletin on my account and my account only but i wanna share it with you. so below is a playlist i made with all sorts of stuff that nockforce has worked on.


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