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Monday, March 31, 2008


santa get back to me

to ourselfs hahahaha.

This week I wanna bring our attention to the Lark Voorhies a group from Madison, Wisconsin. I know the guitar and vocals guy Mike Krol. He's awesome and I'm waiting to see more from these guys in the future anyway check it out

This one is continuing the conversation from the last quickie. i'm not sure how many people know how we do the recording but we just record us talking for 45 minutes or so and then cut it up into quickies. Often the conversations go on long after the cartoon is over. However most of the time it goes into an unfunny place and your better off not hearing it. But sometimes it continues being funny. so yeah thats what happened.
We tryed shooting a music video and we got alot done but i think it needs more. but i think i can shoot the rest next weekend and hopefully then editing yippie.
also here is your special playlist for y'all

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