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Monday, March 17, 2008


quickie #32

this image is by someone who isn't effnocka. however i'm not exactly sure who did do this so i'll edit this and put the real person later. but i apologise until then. But then i look and it says yuri. man i'm dumb.

before i get to the quickie stuff. i'm gonna do a new thing on this blog and send a link to an artist i'm down with or just like. anyway this myspace went up recently. i heard his stuff before that and it's tight. it's this kid in texas calling himself MCK. anyway check it out here

This one was about edgy humor cause we're a little more edgy now. i think this one was recorded back in the 07. not sure how back though.
I guess we are a little edgy but to me we're the same.
Also no cut aways. kinda nice to just spend sometime with ol nockforce without all the other stuff.
I made the end theme with fruity loops instead of the usual garage band. I'm planning on mixing it up each week. i also wanna bring back the what. which kinda just disappered. I didn't notice until yesterday but i will bring back the what soon.
We're gonna be shooting the video shortly. it'll be awesome to actually shoot it. then it'll go up for all you guys.

I made an edgy playlist for this quickie. every nockforce quickie is in here but also a far amount of cletus the fetus. there is also short from both effnocka and myself in here as well.

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