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Monday, December 3, 2007


The Junior Novelization

yes we got a new ep out today and we're promoting this thing hard with the commercial and we're gonna be on the Crows feet stew show on Friday from 5 to 7 pm. we'll put a phone number up on friday morning so you can call in and chat with us. but anyway we worked long and hard on this ep and I wanted to give promper credits not just to us but to all the people so here's what the ep credits is.

Mazinga 7

Music Produced by Ja Boy

All samples from the movie and lyrics by nockFORCE

Mazinga 7 Outro

Produced and lyrics by nockFORCE

Backing Vocals by Marcus Kaser

Party Song

Produced and lyrics by nockFORCE

I Just Drive

Produced and lyrics by nockFORCE

Chrous and backing vocals by Michaela Kaser

I don't know

Produced by nockFORCE and Jeffery ATW

Lyrics by nockFORCE and Tea Time

Chrous by Smitty

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