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Monday, December 17, 2007


Quickie 22 bullies

I like this one cause I like beating people who are weaker then me mostly cause I'm American but also cause it's fun you know. Excited cause I'm gonna be in MD recording things wit my bro for next EP and Mix tape. Which by the way will come out in addition to the intronet but also on fucking tape. I promise you this shit.
Also I watched the golden globes annouced live on tv and one of the presenters was Quentin Tarantino he annouved the nominess and one of them was Aaron Sorkin. Hillarious. I wish Kevin Smith was nominated too so Tarantino could say his name too and it would be a nockforce refferencing festival. but I doubt Kevin Smith would make anything that could be nominated for a golden globe. Maybe a blockbuster entertainment award.

I'm sorry you like beating people and think it's fun Mr Force! But I love the music, especially i can drive and that last huh on mapinga 7 is killer! Will miss you xmas have fun! love tasha's mum! ps sorry Karly i 'm too dumb to change the account
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