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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Quickies 23 and 24

How yall doing.

anyway I wanted to post a blog about the last two quickies.


I always like when people play around with the who's on first thing. It is a really good joke and still holds up which a lot of old jokes don't. Probably cause there either bad or racist or something. I have met David What and he's a pretty nice guy.


I remember when I was in Ocean City and I was walking on the beach and night and i shot a man for the heck of. No I'm kidding. Anyway I saw these teenage girls shooting photos for Facebook like they were in a photo shoot. It was really weird. If this was a collage course I would say this says something about modern celebrity in the digital age or something like that.

Also I worked on music and stuff with some friends when i was in b-more. I think some of that will be on either the mix tape or the ep.

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