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Monday, February 25, 2008


nockFORCE Quickie #29 mouth song

So we're one closer to thirty. this one was coo to do cause it was a little different. I think it's coo to do ones that are different. I hope you like it. Personally I'm proud of my lip synch in this one. Well the part with the song the parts with us talking isn't as great.
Also I mentioned on here about a mix tape coming out from us. We have decided not to do that cause frankly it would take too dam long. But what we are gonna do is put those songs on the site.
I have like 10 tracks ready for the next ep and I really want more. Only 4 songs will make the ep but i heard the young jeezy and lil wayne will record like 80 songs and pick the best 15 for the album. Well since there way better then us I figured we'd try and do that too. But instead of our stuff just getting put out tons of mix tapes, like those guys do, we're just gonna put it up here.
Also I think the music video is really actually gonna happen. I will tell you nothing about it until something is shot. but we're gonna start shooting next weekend. awesome.

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